Course #Course NameInstructorCreditsDelivery Method
BI 326Pathophysiology for
Health Professionals
Campenot, Jennifer3Online
HI 222 CClassical History and CivilizationWhite, Scott3Online
HI 339 PEthnicity in AmericaCarlo, Joseph3Online
HL 301Medical TerminologyCrawley, Jim3Online
MA 225Introduction to StatsZigic, Jovan3Online
MG 311Business in FilmPennino, Clare3Online
MG 375Leadership Styles: Presidents and GeneralsSpillner, John3Online
PS 101 SGeneral Psychology IMartin, Tom3Online
PS 213Developmental Psychology IDonahue, Paula3Online
PS 214Developmental Psychology IINewcombe, Christine3Online
PS 344BiopsychologyChun, David3Online
SO 223 V GSocial ProblemsHyppolite, Melody3Online