Alumni Connect: Student Mentor & Shadow Program

Alumni Connect is designed to help current students cultivate a network of professional contacts in the professional world. The program is a platform for alumni and students to establish a mentor/mentee relationship, and provides students with a valuable source of guidance aside from the Dominican University community. This program is not a job placement or internship program.

Mentoring is a one-on-one developmental relationship in which an alumnus provides guidance and advice to a student about careers and academics. A mentee is a student who volunteers to be assigned to an alumnus. This relationship empowers the mentee to take a proactive role in their professional and personal development.

Students that sign up for the program are assigned to a participating alumni mentor whose field of study and/or career path are similar to that of the student. The Office of Alumni Relations and the Career Development Center will, whenever possible, pair students with alumni mentors in their designed career area.

The program is designed to be flexible for both alumni and students with autonomy to create a schedule based on the availability of the participants. This program allows for face-to-face onsite interaction at the mentors employer, though some may choose to communicate via email or social media. Some may meet only once, while others may meet more frequently. It’s up to you!

The program begins in October at a Meet & Greet session on campus. Students will be paired with their alumni mentor and will meet at this event. At this time, the student will have an opportunity to create a personal overview with their mentor that will outline goals and objectives for the year. During the spring semester, mentors and mentees will be invited to the Alumni Connect: Mentor & Shadow Program Dinner iand complete and end of year evaluation form.

Suggested mentor opportunities include: participate in a professional development workshop, visit company and facility tour, attend a staff meeting or employee training session, work on a special project at the company, spend the day shadowing the alumni mentor or other employees at the company, and have lunch together.

This program runs October – April each academic year. Dates, times and activities are chosen by the participants.

How Do I Apply for the Alumni Connect: Mentor & Shadow Program?

Alumni: Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (845) 848-7407 or email for an application.

Students: Contact Evelyn Fiskaa, Director of Career Development at and schedule an appointment. The Career Development Center is located in Rosary Hall.