Athletic Hall of Fame

Since its inception in 1995, the Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame has acknowledged and honored individuals who have earned high levels of success in athletics at Dominican University, either as an athlete, coach, or supporter and who have demonstrated commitment, leadership, team spirit and excellence in athletics.

The purpose of the Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize the accomplishments of the University’s greatest athletes, coaches, and members of the University community to bring honor and distinction to Dominican University, and to support in all ways possible the University’s intercollegiate athletics programs.

Individual alumni, coaches, entire teams, and administrators/staff are eligible for induction. Members of the Athletic Hall of Fame are further honored by having a plaque with their name and picture on permanent display in the Hennessy Center.

Current Members

Daniel Sullivan ’76 (Men’s Basketball)
Mary Ellen Massey Montera ’88 (Women’s Basketball)
Nancy Hogan ’83 (Women’s Basketball)
Doug Young ’85 (Men’s Soccer)
Thomas McNamara ’88 (Baseball)
Coach Bob Macken 1969 – 1980

Michael Brogan '83 (Men's Basketball)
John Cronin '86 (Men's Soccer)
David Parouse '88 (Baseball)
Johnnie Smith Foley '88 (Women's Basketball & Softball)
Joseph Gartner '78 (Service)

James Nugent ’80 (Men’s Basketball)
Sr. Patricia Howell ’72 (Women’s Basketball)
Matthew Montera ’87 (Baseball)
Carla Williams ’88 (Women’s Basketball & Softball)
Dr. John Lounibos (Service)
Special Recognition of the 1980 and 1981 Men’s Basketball Team

Tony Benbow ’89 (Men’s Basketball)
Joseph Castaldo ’91 (Baseball)
Susan Heller-Covino ’80 (Women’s Basketball)
Steve Baxter (Service)
Special Recognition of the 1986 Women’s Basketball Team

Kevin Golden ’87 (Men’s Basketball)
Nancy Connors Brezovsky ’84 (Women’s Basketball)
Dana Angley Spicer ’80 (Volleyball)
Frederick Smith ’91 (Men’s Soccer)
Sr. Barbara Mc Eneany (Service)
Special Recognition of the 1983 and 1984 Men’s Soccer Team

Stephen Boyle ’76 (Men’s Basketball)
Kimberly Weigen-Cinelli ’91 (Women’s Basketball)
Dohn Harshbarger (Service)
Special Recognition of the 1967 and 1971 Inaugural Men’s Teams

Tom Russell ’82 (Men’s Basketball)
Maureen Glynn Finn ’93 (Women’s Basketball)
Ramces Guerrero ’95 (Baseball)
James Boylan ’78 (Soccer)
Sr. Diane Forest, O.P. (Service)
Special Recognition: Women’s 1000 Point Club

William Hodge ’90 (Men’s Basketball)
William Pfeifer ’86 (Men’s Basketball)
Lisa Formus Remo ’95 (Women’s Basketball)
Anthony Magnelli ’93 (Baseball)
Janet Ryan ’94 (Soccer)
AnnMarie DiSiena (Service)

Colleen Meenan ’79 (Women’s Basketball)
Frank Peralta ’93 (Baseball & Men’s Basketball)

Joaquin Carrasquilla ’88 (Basketball)
Lynn Weigang Meehan ’96 (Softball)
Les Pasternack ’97 (Baseball)
Barry Reeves ’95 (Soccer)
Christopher Smith ’88 (Service)
Dawn Sugrue ’96 (Basketball & Soccer)

Eric Martin ’97 (Baseball)
Laurie Palmer Zailski ’97 (Women’s Volleyball, Softball & Basketball)
Thomas Gavigan ’85 (Men’s Basketball)
Maureen Eanniello ’97 (Service)

Dedication of Basketball Court to Coach Baxter
Memorial to Coach Steve Baxter
No Inductions

Joseph Dionisio ’82 – Basketball
Adam Wein ’97 and Baseball (Team Captain)
1997 Baseball Team
Christine O’Brien ’97 (Basketball & Softball)
Jack Armstrong – Service

Nancy Aden Miller ’84 (Women’s Basketball)
Patrick Ryan ’87 (Men’s Baseball)
Denise Potenza ’95 (Women’s Basketball, Softball)
1999 Men’s Golf Team (Golf)
James Gallagher (Service)

MaryCatherine Ryan O’Loughlin ‘93 (Women’s Soccer, Basketball, Softball)
Ramin Wiggerton ‘99 (Men’s Basketball)
Timothy Clark ’95 (Men’s Baseball)
Monica Irwin ‘02 (Women’s Basketball, Soccer)
1998-99 Women’s Soccer Team
Anthony Toapha ‘85 (Service)
Maryellen Massey Montera ‘88 (Retire Basketball Jersey #33)

Michael Parchen ’98 (Basketball)
Michael Paul ’00 (Baseball)
Maureen Irwin ’02 (Soccer, Basketball)
1999-2000 Men’s Basketball Team (10 Year Anniversary)
Steve Kelly, Service

Mario DeLuca, Jr. ’00 (Baseball)
Julianne Felice Maltbie ’03 (Softball)
Laura Cruz ’00 (Basketball)
Phil Sciame, Service

William Mandaro ’88 (Men’s Basketball)
Janine Bohan McDowell, ’97 (Women’s Soccer & Softball)
Richard Scalamandre ’02 (Men’s Baseball)
1999 Men’s Baseball Team
Phil Fluhr (Service)

Walter Augustin ’98 (Basketball)
Madeline Tineo Cuddy ’03 (Basketball)
Maureen Gill ’98 (Soccer & Softball)
Dorothy C. Filoramo (Service)
2000-2001 Women’s Basketball Team

Chris Canelliz ’04 (Baseball)
Margaret Denman ’05 (Soccer & Basketball)
Katie Farrugia ’06 (Softball)

Daniel Boniface ’00 (Baseball)
Dennis Higgins ’75 (Basketball)
John E. Lennon, Jr. (Service)
2000-2001 Men’s Basketball Team

Melissa Lazaro Bastone ’02 (Volleyball)
John Fitzsimmons ’01 (Basketball)
Chad Jeffries ’99 (Baseball)
Cara Piasecki ’10 (Softball)
Sr. Kathleen Sullivan, O.P. (Service)

Jamar Snider, ’01, (Basketball)
Jacklyn Spitaleri, ’07, (Basketball)
Michael Zani, ’07 (Baseball)
Kyle Clancy, ’06, (Soccer)
Sr. Mary Eileen O’Brien, ’64 (Service)

2005 Men’s Soccer Team
Bobby Mulligan, (Basketball)
Corey Fleetwood ’96, (Basketball)
Courtney Marks ’00, (Volleyball)
Brian Mackey ’08, (Golf)
Rick Giannetti (Service

Prince Jackson, ’08, (Basketball)
Althea Chambers, ’09, (Basketball)
Sarah Beck, ’09, (Softball)
Tom Rolston, ‘06, (Soccer)
Alexander Jones ‘11, (Lacrosse)
Michael Coffey, ‘10 (Service – Posthumous)

2020- No Inductees


John ClarkeClass of 1975Basketball
Dana RotioClass of 2008Basketball
Ryan ClancyClass of 2008Soccer
Margaret HamiltonClass of 2012Soccer
Tom MaloneyClass of 2010Baseball
Derek FunschTeam ManagerService


Jill SlesinskiClass of 2004Soccer
A.J LeeClass of 2009Golf
Adele LaskowskiClass of 2010Basketball
Corey QuimbyClass of 2013Basketball
John BurkeClass of 1998Service