Fieldwork Requirements

All students in the Graduate Occupational Therapy Program must complete two (2) Level I and two (2) Level II Fieldwork experiences.

Level I Fieldwork is completed as part of OT 662 Level I Fieldwork Seminar.  Each of the two (2) experiences require a minimum of six (6) full-time days. Typically, these experiences occur on weekdays.  Certain experiences may require additional orientation days.  Level I Fieldwork experiences are designed to expose students to various client populations and begin to consider how occupational therapy may engage with and assist these clients to participate in desired occupations and live life to the fullest.

Level II Fieldwork consists of two (2) twelve-week full-time experiences. Students must complete the academic coursework portion of the curriculum before beginning Level II Fieldwork. Typically, twelve weeks are spent in a treatment setting that provides services to pediatric and/oradolescent clients (0-18 years) and twelve weeks are spent in a treatment setting that provides services to the adult and/or geriatric client.  However, based on the requirement to provide all students with a broad exposure to the practice of occupational therapy to prepare students to become competent, creative, compassionate generalist entry-level practitioners, alternate placement types may be arranged. Students must plan ahead as working full-time during Level II Fieldwork is not permitted. Level II Fieldwork must be completed within eighteen (18) months of completing the didactic academic coursework portion of the program.

NOTE – All students are required to undergo a criminal background check before beginning fieldwork.