Hear What Students Say Sets Dominican University Apart From the Rest!

Meet some of our graduates

Monique LaLanne '14

International Management Major

"I know they always say more than an education ... a relationship, but I feel like it's really true."
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Johnathan Brown '14

Teacher Education Major

"It doesn't matter who you are, it doesn't matter what sport you play, or what club you're in, everyone in this school is a family and we all love to live together and be a part of this campus."

Caitlin Murray '14

Childhood Education Major

"Coming here really gave me the confidence as a lacrosse player and a person because I got the opportunity to play."

Aaron Evans '14

Business Major

"Since it's a smaller school the professors knew me one to one. I could go to their office and chit-chat instead of being like oh, can I make an appointment? It was always an open door."
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