DUNY-1 Card Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligibility: All students and employees are assigned a DUNY -1 Card when they enroll or start employment.
  2. ID Card Uses: The ID card is your official University identification. It has multiple uses that include: provide resident students access to residence halls, meal plans and DUNY $ at the dining halls, check out books in the Sullivan Library, use campus printers, enter the Granito Center, entrance to other campus locations, on-campus vending machines and services at select off-campus vendors. 
  3. Cardholder Responsibility: DUNY-1 Cards should be protected against loss or damage. You should have your ID badge with you when you are on campus. You are not allowed to lend your card to other people for any reason.
  4. Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Cards: If your card is lost or damaged, you need to report the card lost to the IT Department as soon as possible. You can also disable your ID card on the 1 Card portal at 1Card.duny.edu. There is a $20 fee to replace lost or damaged cards which will be added to the student’s account. Old cards in good condition can be reactivated at no extra fee by the IT Department.
  5. Meal Plans: A meal plan account is required as a resident student, and optional for commuters and employees. The meal plan funds can only be used in the two dining halls on campus which are in the Granito Center and Casey Hall. Meal plan options can be found at https://www.duny.edu/campus-life/dining-services/meal-plans/. The meal plan balances are declining balance. Your account will only be charged for what you purchase in the dining halls. Your remaining balance is displayed at the register or can be checked online at https://1card.duny.edu/OneWeb/Account/LogOn. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to monitor the account balance over the course of the semester to make sure funds are not depleted. Unused meal plan money from the Fall semester will be carried into the Spring semester. All remaining meal plan funds are forfeited at the end of the Spring semester.  
  6. DUNY $: DUNY $ can be used for to pay for food and services.  This includes on-campus dining halls, vending machines, printing on campus, and at DUNY’s off-campus vendors. A list of the off-campus vendors can be found at: https://www.duny.edu/campus-life/student-resources/duny-card/.
  7. Deposits: Meal plans may include some amount of DUNY $. These amounts will be deposited into the account when the meal plan is activated. Meal plan funds are subject to being forfeited at the end of the Spring semester when the dining halls are closed for the summer. Additional deposits into the DUNY $ can be made at 1Card.duny.edu using a credit or debit card. Any amounts deposited this way will not be forfeited at the end of the Spring semester. These funds can be refunded upon withdrawal, graduation, or termination by requesting a refund in writing to the business office. Note, this does not apply to the DUNY $ that were deposited as part of a meal plan.
  8. Account Closures: Accounts may be closed, in writing, if the student withdraws from Dominican University or upon termination of employment with Dominican University.  Student accounts will automatically be closed upon graduation, withdrawal and/or inactivity for more than 120 days.  Employee accounts will automatically be closed upon termination or inactivity for more than 120 days. Dormant accounts, those over 120 days, may be subject to a $10 per month maintenance fee.  Upon account closure, if a refund of the balance is requested a $10 processing fee will be charged.  Account closure requests will be processed within 30 days. Proceeds from the closed accounts will be paid through the Bursar’s Office and will be offset with other debts owed to Dominican University by the cardholder.  Refunds will be mailed to the permanent address of the cardholder as shown in the University’s records. DUNY $ accounts do not pay interest on balances. There is no per transfer charges, fixed charges, average or minimum balance charges.  There is no fee to close an account that has a zero balance.
  9. Updated Terms and Conditions: The “DUNY-1 Card Terms and Conditions” are subject to change and those changes will supersede the terms and conditions at the time of activation.