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Refer a Future Charger to Dominican University New York!

As an employee, alumni, current student, or member of our community, you've experienced the excellence of Dominican University firsthand. Now, you can help us identify motivated and passionate students who are ready to embark on their academic journey as Dominican University Chargers.

Expand the Power of a DUNY Education

Once you submit a referral, our Office of Admissions will reach out to the recommended student and provide them with more information on how they can begin their DUNY journey.

Earn Rewards

Current students can earn up to $4,000 through a $1,000/year referral scholarship, and employees, alumni, and community members can receive a $100 gift card for each successful referral.

Successful Referral

A referral is considered successful when the new student has been successfully enrolled, and payment for classes has been received. Referrals cannot be retroactive

Introducing the DUNY New Student Referral Program

Do you know someone who would thrive as a Dominican University Charger? We believe in the power of community involvement and invite you to participate in the DUNY New Student Referral Program. As an integral part of our community, you can help us identify ambitious students ready to embark on their academic journey at Dominican University.

Getting Started is Simple

Your role as an employee, alumni, current student, or community member is pivotal in shaping our university's future. Initiating the referral process is easy—just complete our Student Referral Form.

How the Program Benefits You and Future Chargers

Once you've made a referral, our Office of Admissions will reach out to the recommended student, providing them with detailed information on how to start their DUNY journey. In appreciation of your support, we have rewarding incentives:

  • For Current Students: Receive a $1,000/year referral scholarship, with a potential maximum of $4,000 throughout your academic career*.
  • For Employees, Alumni, and Community Members: Earn a $100 gift card for each successful referral.

Ensuring a Successful Referral

A referral is considered successful when the new student(s) have successfully enrolled, and payment for classes has been received. It's important to note that referrals cannot be retroactive.

Don't Limit Yourself - Keep Referring!

We encourage you to make multiple referrals and reach out to family and friends during the process. Share your DUNY experience and consider joining us for a campus visit.

*Please bear in mind that all forms of aid (federal, state, and institutional, including this referral scholarship) cannot exceed direct costs (tuition, fees, and Room and Board if applicable).

Ready to Make a Referral?

Shape the future of Dominican University New York by making a referral today! Use the form to submit your referral.


    Program Guidelines

    • New student referrals encompass first-year undergraduate students, transfer students, and new students in graduate programs. Eligible student referrals are those who have not yet submitted an application and are not currently working with the DUNY Office of Admissions.
    • To refer a student, you must submit a referral form before the student applies.
    • Each applicant may only have one referrer. In the case of multiple referrers, the referrer with the earliest time-stamped submission will be considered the referrer.
    • Dominican University New York reserves the right to modify the Student Referral Program and award structure at any time.
    • Our Admissions team is always available to assist in finding the right fit for each student's educational needs.



    Contact the Office of Admissions for more information about this program.

    Phone: +1 845-848-7901

    Business, Innovation, & Leadership Division

    Dominican University's Division of Business, Innovation, & Leadership is a dynamic hub where business, communication, and technology come together to create leaders who contribute to making the world a better place.

    Our graduates get excellent jobs. We build partnerships with global companies and local non-profits alike. These will provide you with internships to gain practical experience. These relationships also contribute to keeping our programs current.

    Explore our undergraduate programs:

    • Business: We offer majors in finance, management (with specializations in sports management and international management), and marketing (with a focus on digital media). Our programs will teach you to 'Do Business Right'—to succeed in business while also making the world a better place. We believe that companies engaged in positive practices are more successful in the long run. This is beneficial for everyone involved, including customers, stakeholders, and employees.
    • Communication Studies: Choose to focus on media or communication and leadership. After graduation, you can secure a job in the media or leverage your communication skills to succeed in any industry.
    • Information Technology: Focus on application development, cybersecurity, infrastructure, or public health informatics & technology (PHIT).
    We also emphasize the importance of learning about history, art, and science. This understanding will help you navigate the world and its challenges. Our programs excel in the liberal arts and sciences, ensuring that you are well-rounded and competitive.

    IACBE Accreditation

    The Business, Innovation, & Leadership Division at Dominican University New York has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11960 Quivira Road, Suite 300, Overland Park, KS 66213.

    Our  Business, Innovation, & Leadership Division Programs:

    Prepare you for a smooth transition into our MBA program
    Provide substantial business experience through paid internships with renowned firms
    Offer valuable perspectives and community service opportunities through internships at non-profit organizations
    Are staffed by faculty members who have extensive experience in the business world
    Hold accreditation from the International Accreditation Council for Business Education

    Partner with us

    The Business, Innovation, & Leadership Division frequently undertakes special projects, from research endeavors to community outreach programs. Your generous contribution to these projects will play a vital role in advancing our students' education, fostering entrepreneurship, and making a lasting impact on the local business community. Join us in shaping the future of business education by donating today.

    Make a Donation

    Contact the Division Director

    Ivan Rudolph-Shabinsky
    Office Location: Casey Hall
    Phone: (845) 848-4023


    Meet the Business, Innovation, & Leadership Division Faculty and Staff

    Adult Programs

    Designed with the needs of the working adult in mind, our adult programs let you pursue your degree or take prerequisite and other courses while continuing full-time employment and maintaining family responsibilities and other pursuits.

    CASE offers you a highly individualized, personal counseling throughout your college experience. This one-to-one academic counseling assures that you obtain accurate information about transfer credit, credit for learning that has been gained outside of formal educational settings, and about the challenge examination programs available. The following adult programs are offered through CASE:

    BS In Nursing for Career Changers

    This accelerated BSN program is available to students who hold a prior non-nursing Bachelor’s degree. The program is available in two options. It can be completed in one calendar year during the week, and in two years on weekends.


    Public Health Informatics and Technology (PHIT) is a developing field that brings advances in data science to work toward improving public health.

    Graduate Admissions

    16 Graduate Programs Designed for the Real World

    Whether you're looking to advance in your current career or change careers a graduate degree from Dominican University is the perfect place to start.
    Explore one of 16 graduate programs including doctoral degree programs in Physical Therapy and Nursing.

    Explore Your Options

    We offer flexibility with how you take classes— weekends, evenings, on campus, online, or a combination of both.


    Dominican University is just 17 miles from New York City, in the heart of Rockland County. Our location offers access to internships, clinical opportunities and more.

    If you’d like to visit the campus and meet the faculty, please choose from among our many visiting opportunities.

    Visit the Campus

    Achievement Every Day  | Meet Some of Our Alumni

    Almost 15,000 Dominican University alumni live and work in the New York metro region and across the U.S

    Brianne Macalena-Maddalena
    MS in Ed 2016

    The MS Education program has been unbelievable for allowing me to follow my dream.  One of my favorite things about the program is the professors.  They are all teachers or administrators and they work in the field, hands-on, so they have realistic advice that I can really benefit from in the future.

    Ann Marie Coppin
    MS in Ed 2018

    At Dominican University, we do student teaching and that’s when I really got to understand that I do have a gift with children.

    Michael Habersaat
    PT 2018

    The College is very close to New York City, so it gives a lot of grad students an opportunity to be in some of the best medical and research hospitals in the world.  Because it’s a weekend program, every single one of the faculty is practicing full time.

    Jonathan Green
    DNP 2017 and FNP 2014

    We are constantly emailing back and forth as a class, supporting each other.  The faculty are my mentors, my colleagues, we can have discussions.  This is a degree that will set us apart from our peers as nurses and nurse practitioners.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the requirements for admission as a degree seeking student (matriculating student) to a graduate program at Dominican University?
    • A Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution
    • Each Graduate Program has specific requirements, please click here for more information:
    What are the deadlines to apply to the graduate programs?

    M.S. in Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner:
    • Applications will be reviewed until the end of March or until the cohort is full.

        Entry- Level Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT):
        • March 1

          All Other Graduate Programs:

            Our Graduate Programs utilize a rolling admissions procedure in which applications are processed as they are received. To become a competitive applicant, prospective students are encouraged to apply and send the necessary documents to the Office of Graduate Admissions as soon as possible.

              Please note that applications will not be reviewed until they are complete.

                What is the application fee?

                  The application fee is $50. When submitting the online application you may pay your application fee by credit card at the end of the application process.

                    If you apply using a paper application you must pay your fee by check or money order. Please make your $50 check payable to Dominican University.

                    Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy applicants must also pay fees associated with OTCAS and PTCAS, the Centralized Application Services. 

                      Where should I send my admissions documents?

                            Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Programs at Dominican University participate in the Centralized Application Services, known as OTCAS and PTCAS.

                            To learn more about their application process, please visit OTCAS or

                            You may send your application materials to us at:

                              Office of Graduate Admissions
                              Doyle Hall
                              Dominican University
                              470 Western Highway
                              Orangeburg, NY 10962

                                Are there any additional requirements if I am applying as an International Student?

                                Since Dominican University receives a number of applications from students around the world, we require our students to have their credentials evaluated for equivalency and authenticity. A degree obtained in another country outside of the US may be different compared to US standards. Since Dominican University does not accept foreign transcripts or certificates, unless otherwise noted, you must submit a foreign academic credential evaluation(s). This can be done through organizations such as: World Education Services (WES), Global Credential Evaluators (GCE), and Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE). Evaluation agencies are third party providers and have their own policies and procedures.

                                  In addition, scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (T.O.E.F.L.) must be submitted by all applicants from any non-English speaking countries, unless otherwise noted. Information and registration forms can be obtained from the T.O.E.F.L. Program, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, N.J. 08540 or visit the T.O.E.F.L. website for up-to-date information at:

                                    All official foreign academic credential evaluation(s) can be mailed to:

                                      Office of Graduate Admissions
                                      Doyle Hall
                                      Dominican University
                                      470 Western Highway
                                      Orangeburg, NY 10962

                                      How do I apply as a non-degree seeking student?

                                        To be admitted as a non-matriculated (non-degree-seeking) graduate student in order to take courses for teacher certification or personal enrichment, you must:
                                        1. Submit a completed application form with a $50 non-refundable application fee.
                                        2. Submit an official transcript indicating receipt of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
                                        3. Take a maximum of two (2) courses.

                                          Admission and enrollment as a non-matriculated student in no way implies admission to a degree program. Students wishing to change their status from non-matriculated to matriculated must reapply and meet all college and program requirements. Each program specifies the maximum number of credits from non-matriculated status that may be applied to a degree program.

                                          Graduate Programs

                                          Dominican University offers professional graduate programs in Business, Education, Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.
                                          If you are juggling work, family and other responsibilities, these graduate programs can offer the support, flexibility and inspiration you need to realize your goals.

                                          7 Areas of Study

                                          For students interested in—


                                          to work with the visually impaired, disabled, and other learners, including children and adolescents (MSEd)

                                          Healthcare Management

                                          and the financial well-being of hospitals, agencies and other organizations (MBA)

                                          Physical Therapy

                                          and the use of therapeutic interventions to restore, maintain and improve function and mobility throughout the lifespan (DPT)

                                          Graduate Nursing-Doctor of Nursing Practice

                                          for the development of leaders with advanced nursing practice skills (DNP)

                                          Graduate Nursing-Family Nurse Practitioners

                                          for nurses who seek to integrate practice and theory to provide an advanced level of primary care (FNP)

                                          Occupational Therapy

                                          to help individuals improve, adapt, and/or maintain their skills to engage in meaningful everyday day-to-day activities through occupation-based interventions (BS/MSOT)

                                          Nearly 25 years

                                          Of experience in graduate education—

                                          1994 – Chartered to offer Master of Science in Education degree

                                          1996 – Chartered to offer Master of Science degree

                                          2004 – Chartered to offer Doctor of Physical Therapy degree

                                          2007 – Chartered to offer Master of Business Administration degree

                                          2014 – Chartered to offer Doctor of Nursing Practice degree

                                          Offering hundreds of clinical and fieldwork experiences

                                          Over 600 sites are open to graduate students in Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy—

                                          Over 500

                                          Graduate students are enrolled each term

                                          Hear what faculty members have to say—
                                          • In Business:
                                          • In Nursing:
                                          •  In Occupational Therapy:
                                          • In Physical Therapy:
                                          Do you want to visit the campus?

                                          Visit the Campus Visit page for a list of Graduate Information Session dates.

                                          Resources for graduate students

                                          Undergraduate Programs

                                          At Dominican University, you’ll get the benefits of a broad-based liberal arts education, while you study with expert faculty on specialized academic tracks geared towards particular professions. We offer more than 30 fully-accredited degree programs designed to prepare you for rewarding careers.

                                          Browse by Area of StudyBrowse Alphabetically