Whether you desire basic proficiency or full immersion, Dominican University’s Spanish program will provide you with the foreign language skills and multicultural perspective that are so valuable in today’s labor markets. Our location just miles from New York City provides you with world-class opportunities to enhance your Spanish skills as you soak up the language and the atmosphere of one of the largest Spanish-speaking communities in the country.

Taking Spanish at Dominican University, will allow the richness and vibrancy of the Spanish language and culture come to life. Our basic and intermediate courses will develop your fluency in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing the language, and will provide you with a broad introduction to the complex and fascinating culture, literature, and history of Spain and Latin America. Beyond the intermediate level, our program will lead you to in-depth exploration of important currents in the literatures and societies of Latin America and Spain and will solidify your knowledge of Spanish for written and oral communication.

Academic Tracks

· Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with Hispanic Language and Culture Specialization: This specialization is designed to allow you to pursue your interest in the Spanish language and culture while you acquire a broad expertise in liberal arts by majoring in Humanities. For details, please see Humanities.

  • Minor in Spanish: This degree requires 18 credits in Spanish. Six credits are upper-level language courses (beyond SP 111,112) and 12 credits are courses focusing on Spanish literature, art, and history.
  • Certificate of Competence in Spanish: A demonstrable knowledge of Spanish can open up attractive career possibilities, regardless of your major or previous academic experience. Dominican University offers a Certificate of Competence in speaking and understanding the Spanish language, enabling you to meet the strong and growing demand for bilingualism in the professional world. Requirements include Spanish 111-112, 221-222, and 225.

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