Chemistry Minor

Chemistry is often referred to as the “central science” given that so many of its concepts are interwoven into the other scientific disciplines. Biology majors, in particular, require rigorous chemistry backgrounds if they are to enter successfully into careers in research or health-science fields or pursue a graduate degree in a biology-related field. The minor in Chemistry can also be completed in conjunction with other majors, such as Mathematics and Education, resulting in a career-enhancing interdisciplinary degree. The Chemistry minor requires 27 credits.

Required Courses: 20 CreditsElective Courses: 7 Credits
CH 221 General Chemistry I (4)Current offerings:
CH 222 General Chemistry II (4)*CH 329 Studies in Biochemistry II (3)
CH 331 Organic Chemistry I (4)*CH 330 Analytical Chemistry (4)
CH 332 Organic Chemistry II (4)*Offered alternating Fall semesters
CH/BI 328 Studies in Biochemistry I (4)

For additional information please contact:
Dr. Colleen Evans
Assistant Professor of Chemistry or 845-848-6016