As one of the largest divisions in the University, the Humanities Division educates students in a broad array of studies, Including courses in English, World Languages, Communication Studies, Film, Religion, Philosophy, Fine Arts, and the Sciences. The Humanities Division is also responsible for teaching many of the General Education Courses that serve as the core of a strong liberal arts education.

Our goal is to ensure you receive a well-rounded view of the world and understand how to critically examine the ideas you are exposed to.

While you may think many of the programs in our Division are not specific professional programs that lead directly to a career, consider this: many of the top careers last year did not even exist ten years ago. In an ever-changing economic environment, you don’t want to be taught one career skill. You need to have flexible skills that can adapt to the constant changes in our society. The disciplines in the Humanities provide solid writing and communication skills, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, global and cultural understanding, aesthetic understanding, and a better historical context.

So, while you may not see a “Help Wanted” posting that calls for a Humanities degree specifically, you will find employers who want an adaptable, analytical, curious, and well-spoken applicant. Students in our division graduate with a better understanding of what it means to be human and all the complexities of our culture and history.

Our division offers the following programs of study.



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