Social Sciences Club

The Social Sciences Club is a student organization that provides extracurricular opportunities to explore and experience the topics and issues addressed by social sciences disciplines.  In particular, the Club brings together students with interests in Criminal Justice, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work for educational, social, and service-oriented activities, but there is no requirement for students to have a major or minor in one of these disciplines in order to be a member of the Club or participate in its activities.  Membership and participation are open to all students at the University who have an interest in understanding the individual and society and want to experience fun and community while learning more about these two fundamental subjects.  Club activities include social events, field trips, lectures, and service work.

Active participation in the Club brings multiple benefits: 

  • meet new and interesting people 
  • gain valuable experiences related to one’s studies of the social sciences
  • collaborate with other student clubs to provide campus-wide programming
  • pursue leadership opportunities 
  • build important resume material for graduate school or job applications 
  • engage with and serve the community 
  • have fun 

Those interested in learning more about the Social Sciences Club should contact Dr. Blair Hoplight at or (845) 848-4071.  Students also may visit the office in Casey Hall, Room 18.